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11 May 2010 @ 07:42 am
wow i havent updated in forever? maybe because i just feel like nobody needs/wants to hear it anyway lol. but i miss lj and i want to get back into it.

so i have my exams like way soon. today i have my german oral exam bleh bleh. not good at all. and soon i have my history and philosophy+ethics exams. all essay based they are so hard. why are a levels so hard? ridic.

im going to see you me at six again in december! yayyyy. they are doing a december tour again in the uk, and this time loads of my friends are coming so it should be way more fun :)

glastonbury is soon! its came so quick. the lineup is shit. just diabolical. but meh what can i do just go for a fun week with my friends. tegan and sara are playing and i know some people on my flist love them. im gonna try and check them out for youuuu :) im happy florence and the machine are there and muse!

i got a job 2 weeks ago. and it makes me so tired. last week was so hectic. but this week isnt so bad thank fck.

anyway im gonna try and comment all the time now :')
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02 March 2010 @ 07:02 am
 the other week, i had one of the best nights of my life. i went to see boys like girls. and the venue was tinyyyy so i was like righttt by martin <3 and he kept putting his hand out and i kept grabbing it and he let us touch his guitar. they were justtt woww. and then they were finishing off with- the great escape and he lets us come on stage with him! omg it was just, words cant describe. i was on the front of the stage with martin!!!! i got one of his guitar picks as well. i'll never forget it.

i get to see you me at six again the 17th march. gonna make a bit of a trip of it with my best friends. i cant wait. i really wanna hear the new album live. im so addicted to live music now.

ive started my counselling now. its weird the woman i get to speak to is really nice and i like her. its really nice that she seems to understand where i'm coming from. finalllyyy.

one of my friends has a boyfriend and is totally going off the radar. ughhhh. she thinks their relationship is so brilliant but its just plain weird. while me and my other friend are stuck with a bunch of crap from guys. it sucks.

ive started watching tv shows again! lost is back on yayayyayay! it's just one big mindfuck, i really have no idea where they're gonna go with it. but i love it. skins, my fave characters have really changed this season. and glee, omg i absolutely love it. i cant wait for the next series.
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30 January 2010 @ 05:28 pm
i suck. i'm so lame at updating its unreal. boooo to me.

anyhoo. this year i've been going mad with the amount of gigs ive been getting tickets for. a new one i've just added to my list is: BOYS LIKE GIRLS. omfg. i could cry like for real. its so amazing. there were only 300 tickets for the birmingham venue. and they are only doing manchester, birmingham and london dates. it's gonna be a more intimate setting. im so stoked. and its only in like 3 weekssss :D

i loveeee the you me at six album. love love love it. i quote it in everyday life now. hahaa.

so there's not much going on apart from finally im getting counselling. my first appointment is soon. im nervous but so glad it's getting sorted.

i miss you all <3
i'm so out of the loop with lj. i was kinda glad to be out of the ~internet world for a while cos i think i got wayyy into it and sort of depending on it for a while. so the break was good but now i'm sort of sad i don't really seem to be apart of it anymore. i loved it, it was fun.

ugh. i have exams like soon. important ones. it aint gonna be pretty.

i really need to update more often and comment more. i'm such a lame lj friend, i'm sorry.

and i think soon i'll def be getting more into tv shows again. i couldn't watch glee on my computer but it premieres in the uk in a couple of weeks so i'll def be getting into that. and lost s6 airs in feb, best programme ever js.

i really think this year is gonna be a good year, i already have a bit planned.

February- Fightstar, Dizzee Rascal (for my brother)
March - Youmeatsix
June - Derren Brown (the illusionist) and GLASTONBURYYYYYY

i wanna be 18 like now. i don't wanna be 17. it's a lame age.

+ and i want a new layout, if anyone can help me out that would be awesome!

i miss you all! i love youuu
december 11th- best night of my life. PARAMORE♥♥. you were fucking amazing, seeing hayley williams in person was so amazing. the setlist was amazing me and my friends were going crazy. i got on someones shoulders when she was talking and shouted HAYLEY I LOVE YOU. i could have sworn she looked right at me lmao. when they played looking up the ground was shaking it was amazing. youmeatsix were so good. better than i expected. and paper route wow i didn't expect that from an opening band me and my friends thought they were awesome. now now every children weren't really for us though, the music sounded alright it just wasn't very enthusiastic tbh. i'm so happy rn. i'm going to see fightstar ( a band for people who havent heard of them) on february 10th and i love them like a lot. march 17th i'm going to see youmeatsix again, it's in city a couple hours from where i live and me and a group of friends are making a trip of it. gonna be so unbelieavably awesome. forever the sickest kids and we the kings are supporting. most awesome support bands ever. and then it's glastonbury 2010 the best week of my life. what is everyone looking forward to for 2010?
04 November 2009 @ 07:09 pm
so i dunno. basically i dunno. ha what a way to start an entry. all i knew was that i felt like i needed to write one, i just didn't know what about. okay, i didn't know how to say it.

i'm gonna be all whiny, but i need to rant.

so i have trust issues and all this other emotional crap. i suppose we all do. but it's always prevented me from letting people in, even friends. i didn't realise how bad i was until someone showed me, wow have i been a cold bitch in my life just to stop myself from getting hurt.

well i decided to change that, i let someone in. wayyy further than most people have gotten. and guess what? oh yes they fucked me over. just left me high and dry. it hurt so much i couldn't explain, it wasn't someone i was serious about to begin with. but i felt myself beginning to really trust this person. so that's it. i can't deal with that again.

oh and the boys like girls album is amazing. someone like you is an amazing song, it makes me cry.

My life in the rearview
I'm runnin' from Jesus
Don't know where I'm going to
I got nothin' to lose
I'm fightin' my demons
Been lookin' for someone like you...
this is probably gonna be a mixed entry. first off, i'm sorry i have commented on some of your entries, i'm gonna go back and see which major ones i missed and definitely comment, school work is such a pain in the ass lately. i'm gonna be an amazing lj friend from now on, i promise. =)

first off, I'M GOING TO GLASTONBURY 2010!!!!! this has just about made my life whole for serious. for anyone who doesn't know glastonbury is a huge music festival in england, one of the biggest in the world, probably up there with some in america, i dunno i would say it's huge as some of the acts that play they are just out of this world.

the acts haven't been announced yet but already rumoured are the foo fighters (omfggg i will die), the rolling stones, coldplay, bob dylan and a few more. it's gonna be the best year yet apparently, i'm so freaking happy about it it's unrealllllll.

on a more sort of whatever note, i'm starting therapy soon. i prefer to call it counselling idk why though. me and one of my teachers sorted it out because i need to end this now. but he said if i fill in the form on my own i don't need to tell my parents, but if i want his help i have to. i really want his help, but i seriously dunno how to tell my parents, they've assumed everythings back to normal.
27 September 2009 @ 06:55 pm
woah i haven't updated in 2 weeks? that's a long time, i've been lazy i'm sorry. and i haven't been commenting as much but hopefully i will from now on! :)

i realised i haven't fangirled in an entry about paramore's new album: OMFG! just amazing. seriously the lyrics are so awesome, hayley's songwriting has really grew. and it's not all about love: yay! turn it off is possibly my fave atm, the lyrics are amazing, i've been questing a lot i used to think was true lately, this song has totally just said everything i've been thinking lately.

okay i can't just have one fave, i love the chorus in playing god. i feel like singing it to people who blame me for everything. all i wanted, wow hayley's voice. misguided ghosts, is this paramore? i love how they've got two acoustic songs on there, i love them both it's nice to have something different. okay well i love each song, i can't really pinpoint a fave. haha.

for those who have listened to it: what are your faves?

my life is pretty boring atm. school is taking up most of the time, my workload is immense i'm just about keeping up with it. booo. and plus me and my friends can't just hang out and drink for a while, i'm missing it already. :( we always have so much fun when we do it, like we can just forget everything and just be stupid.

there are plenty of funny pics, if enough of you wanna see them i'll post them...maybe. lolol.
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10 September 2009 @ 06:13 pm
OMFG. Paramore are playing where i live. i am so overly stoked right now it is unreal. me and hannah are going to see them, possibly another friend. we're ordering the tickets tomorrow, and the price is so reasonable, i can totally afford that. i am soooo happy now. in december so like an early christmas present!!

mimi, heleen, sanne i was so totally jealous when i heard you were going. i didn't realise they were playing birmingham as well!! we totally have to swap stories! hearing the new album played live omfg, how unbelieveably awesome is that going to be?!?!!?

i think i need to go lie down, for reals.
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02 September 2009 @ 10:02 am
okay i need to rant.

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